In the eyes of a beast

As I smoked the joint, i turned to the man next to me and said “Do you notice that there are two teams playing?”

“I’ve been watching for a while, every night, two teams play here. One plays under the lights, and one plays in the dark, both mirroring each other perfectly. The teams play without abandon or shame, they play in complete and utter rapture.”

“When did they start?” I asked as I passed him the joint

“I think in a way we created them, we who don’t dare to find this passion for ourselves. We who blame the world for being to hard, and too dangerous created these teams to express what we cannot. So at the very least… we get to witness it and bask in its glow”

He took a puff and exhaled, the smoke blurred the image of the lights. It was as if the lights were the eyes of a great beast, kept at bay by the men playing on the court.

The man stood up. And ashe walked away, he said “May the night hold many more wonders for you” . And just because he said that, I knew it would.


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